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31 low carb snack ideas for low carb success

These low carb snack ideas are a wonder collection of the best recipes on the web. Whether you are watching you're weight or diabetic, these recipes are a low carb

It is essential to use low carb snack ideas when on a low calorie or low carb diet. Diabetics who are insulin dependent should also use low carb snacking to better manage insulin levels. The ideal way to lose weight is to eat six small meals or snacks a day. 

Whoppers candies recipe | Chocolate covered malted milk balls

Calling all Whopper lovers! This recipe for chocolate malted milk balls is for you! Ingredients include milk chocolate, white chocolate and malted milk powder.

I created this Whoppers candies recipe because chocolate covered malted milk balls can be made at home with basic ingredients. If you love chocolate like I do, you will love this homemade Whopper recipe using white chocolate ,milk chocolate and malted milk powder.