Greek quesadillas chicken gyro recipe

Traditional Greek food meets Mexican Quesadilla. If you love Greek chicken gyros then you will love this one.

This Greek quesadilla recipe is a combination of a Mexican quesadilla and a traditional Greek gyro.  On weekends we like to indulge in especially delicious, sometimes exotic foods.  This weekend we decided to make Greek quesadillas.  I was stoked.

Pumpkin French toast sticks recipe

Pumpkin French toast sticks with cinnamon and nutmeg topped with powdered sugar is a kid friendly crowd favorite. Add sugar free maple syrup. #pumpkin #spice #french #toast #sticks

Pumpkin French toast sticks are a great fall time breakfast recipe. Fall is that special time of year when everyone on the planet goes crazy over pumpkin anything. As the leaves fall and the nights grow longer, our bellies growl in anticipation of the next comforting food. If you’re like me, I tend to craveRead More

Easy spinach artichoke dip with flatbread chips

Easy Spinach and Artichoke Dip recipe just like Applebee’s. This Creamy, Rich, Cheesy, Spinach artichoke dip is a wonderful tailgate appetizer or a crowd favorite at BW3s or Applebee’s. So good you can eat with a spoon or our low carb flatbread chips.

This amazingly Easy Spinach Artichoke Dip recipe is so rich and creamy, delicious and totally satisfying! After mixing all the ingredients together, I prepared this dip by baking it until the contents become oh so gooey and melty.