Coconut Fried Chicken: Asian Coconut Lime Chicken Recipe


This coconut lime chicken recipe is an indulgent Thai food inspired masterpiece. It’s the trifecta on the taste buds but to me this recipe is even more.
This crispy coconut chicken recipe has a wonderful Thai flavor. The hint of lime accents this dish perfectly. Your picky eaters will love this |

It’s a pleasant reminder of past memories. It’s comfort food on steroids. After a unforgettably successful first date with my then boyfriend Tim, he asked me over to his house so he could cook me dinner. We enjoyed the coconut lime chicken recipe with sweet potato fries.  I was majorly impressed with this dish, a bottle of white wine combined with this delicious dinner added a romantic vibe to our night.  We had chemistry. It was nice I felt like I had known him for years. It pleased me that he was willing to cook for me on our second date. When he said, “I’m going to make a Thai coconut lime chicken recipe for dinner”, I remembered this night and it brought back feelings of excitement in a thrilling, new romance.  I think the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach as well.

This crispy coconut lime chicken recipe is a family favorite. If you love Thai food, this will satisfy your cravings |

As our relationship grew exquisite serious and he cooked for me more and more.  Everything he made was fantastic!  But this particular coconut chicken recipe stands out. It has a sweet, mouth watering, zesty flavor.  It has a tropical, vibrant, Asian like quality. With all this flavor it is relatively healthy.  Tonight we ate veggies on the side which gave a lower carb count than the previous sweet potato fries.  I am type 1 diabetic so I have to watch my carb counts.  I was happy during dinner.  I was thinking about our second date.  I was thinking that I am the luckiest girl ever to have met the man of her dreams almost three years ago.

This delicious coconut lime chicken recipe will satisfy your Thai food cravings without the worry of ruining your diet. The taste is phenomenal |

Baked coconut chicken recipe vs fried

This time around, we chose to fry the chicken because it was quicker than baking. The results were fantastic! This has become a staple in our household and even our kids love it.

Coconut milk chicken marinade recipe

This step is purely optional but genuinely worth it. I am a lover of all things marinade. A good marinade is wonderful for adding guaranteed flavor profile that will have friends and family asking for cooking tips or an exchange of recipes. This marinade is super simple. I simply contains, coconut milk and lime juice.

This coconut chicken recipe has a great flavor accented beautifully with the lime. This is a winner for the whole family |

Crispy coconut chicken recipe

Tim discovered this recipe years and years ago while surfing the internet in search of a healthy Thai food dish. After several modifications we have what is before you today. There is no flour used in this recipe. The coconut acts as a alternative to flour. I think this is a bonus as I quite like the way the coconut gets crispy in the pan.

Thai coconut lime chicken thighs

The chicken breast is quite tasty but I do believe we will be posting a future recipe using chicken thighs in a slow cooker instead. Stay tuned.


Baking this dish would result in a meal around 440 calories and around 12 carbs. If you decide to fry, use extra virgin olive oil.

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