Homemade Latte Recipe: How To Make A Homemade Latte


A quality caramel latte recipe at home is not out of reach. Who doesn’t love a well crafted latte?There is nothing like listening to the birds sing in the early morning while savoring each sip from a porch swing. The smell of the caramel and whipped cream. Ah! There is something about the rich flavor that soothes my soul. Believe it or not, those of us on diets can still indulge without worry about moving the scale.

Skinny caramel Latte recipe – DIY Homemade coffee that taste as good as Starbucks. Simply add your favorite pumpkin, mocha or vanilla syrup and serve hot or iced. Find out how @slimchefrecipes.com

Coffee is an addiction for me. I really can’t get enough. My favorite is a caramel latte recipe.

When I started my weight loss journey, I feared that I would have to give up this much loved addiction.  I was relieved when I discovered that I could not only make a fantastic cup of coffee at home that would rival those from popular coffee chains but that I could do it with healthy ingredients.

What is in a latte

A latte consists of espresso and steamed milk. It’s usually served with whipped cream on top instead of froth which is found in cappuccino.

How to make a caramel latte recipe at home

About two years ago I purchased an Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker and I’ve never regretted it. If you are like me and you can’t afford a high priced espresso machine, Aeropress will be a wonderful alternative. For instructions on how to press the coffee, see the Aeropress coffee maker video below.

Adding milk

Once you have the coffee pressed into your cup, you will need to add your choice of milk. If you are health conscience like me, you can opt for skim milk, soy, coconut, almond or traditional 2%. Each one of these provides there own set of pros and cons so it’s up to you to decide. For the recipe below, I’m going to use skim.

This caramel latte recipe is low calories and had that rich taste and aroma you would expect. @slimchefrecipes

Sweetner (optional)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a sweet tooth. I love my coffee sweet. There are alternatives to sugar. For instance, I prefer to use liquid stevia but you could also use honey, agave or your favorite sweetener. This caramel latte recipe uses Stevia but you might also use Splenda, NutraSweet or equivalent.

Topping it off (optional)

If you are really keeping an eye on you weight you may want to skip the whipped cream. I personally feel that a little goes a long way. Additional toppings can be added including cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel drizzle or and other toppings you are inclined to use.

Enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee without worrying about your waste line.


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