Summer family vacations and Summertime recipes


I so look forward to Summer family vacations each year. Mid July is the perfect time to gather up the troops and head to the beach.

We left our pristine neighborhood with its perfectly manicured lawns to embark on a journey from Ohio ‘s valleys into the deep south and finally reaching the Carolina coast.

The road trip took 12 hours. We made countless bathroom stops and managed to get our McDonalds fix twice in the same day. When we arrived in Calabash, a quaint southern golf town only a few miles from the South Carolina state line, we were exhausted.

Our first morning in North Carolina was a treat. We ate breakfast at a scrumptious buffet and then headed for the beach. The kids loved the ocean. We were ecstatic that our 22-month-old son was in heaven in the water.  If we took him to the beach blanket he would immediately turn around and run back to the ocean.

Over the next several days we alternated from the pool to the beach. We had a fabulous evening meal at a seaside restaurant.  Our ten-year-old was begging to get a hermit crab.

We agreed and Mr. Crabs became the newest member of the Miller clan

The following day we said goodbye to lovely Calabash and made our way through the smokies and north on interstate 75.

There is nothing like getting away for a little R & R. Now it’s time to get back to slimchefrecipes headquarters.

The thought of Summer ending makes me sad but it also allows me to reflect on all the great summertime recipes my husband and I were able to churn out. Here is a rundown.

Our favorite Summertime Recipes

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Who doesn’t love a perfectly grilled medium rare steak? And it won’t cost a fortune.

California bison burgers with avocado and Gouda and goat cheese

Bison burgers, avocados and goat cheese work so well together. This mouth watering burger won’t disappoint.

Baked buffalo wings in the oven | Chicken wings in the oven

Buffalo wings work any time of year. Something about these mango/salsa covered wings just screams Summertime and an iced cold beer.

Recipe for lamb chops with cilantro thyme mint marinade

Well prepared lamb chops can be so delicious, yet filling and good for you.

Simple healthy chicken salad wrap recipe

There is nothing like sipping on some iced cold lemonade and eating chicken salad wraps.

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