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Tailgate party snack foods go with football season like Dan and Rosanne, June and Ward, Weezy and George, hat and gloves, socks and shoes, PB&J… well, you get the idea.

Let’s face it, tailgate food is just plain awesome. If you’re looking for some simple snack ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some awesome game day food ideas to keep you going!

This list is the ultimate list for easy tailgate foods. We have defined the tailgating categories for; Chicken, Dips & Sauces, Nachos, Poppers, Sandwiches & Pockets, Desserts, Side Dishes, & Drink Foods.

List of Tailgating Supplies

Portable Grill

No tailgate party is complete without a way to cook your food. Some opt for charcoal and some opt for gas.

Power Inverter

Tailgating can be a lot of fun but you’ll need power. If you have access to a vehicle, you can use the battery to charge various items.

Crock Pot

Crockpots are a great way to keep tailgating food warm.

Extension Cable

Don’t ruin a perfectly good tailgate by forgetting important items. You never know when you may need to plug an electric device in. Choose a cord long enough to power your items.


If you’re using a charcoal grill to cook your food, don’t walk out of the house without your charcoal. You can make a lot of really tasty tailgating food with a simple charcoal grill.


Bring multiple lighters or matches. You never know when you’ll need them.

Folding Chairs

If you’re like me, you’re absent-minded. You might have plenty of simple snack ideas but don’t forget something as important as comfort. Standing for hours on end out in the hot sun is no fun. Bring chairs to relax in.

Folding Table

You’ll need something flat to prepare all those quick snack ideas.

Pop-Up Canopy

You never know when the rain may come and you can’t depend on those meteorologists to get the forecast right. Plus, the canopy will help protect you from the sun and keep the sun out of your eyes.


Several of the best snacks to make are small in size and heavy on flavor. Rather than have a crowd put their dirty fingers all over your treats, insert toothpicks so they have something to grab hold of.

Aluminum Foil

You never know when you might need aluminum foil. Like duct tape is to a handyman, aluminum foil is a versatile tool for any tailgating chef.

Plastic Cups

Tailgate parties usually involve iced cold beer or other refreshments. Bring plenty of cups.

Plastic or Paper Plates

Just like plastic cups, no tailgate party is complete without plates to pile on all that naughty food.


Eating is one thing but no party is complete without some good old-fashioned entertainment. If you’re like me, cornhole is a great way to pass the time while also igniting that competitive spirit.

Fan Gear

This goes without say. No tailgate party is complete without representing your team. Don’t walk out of the house without your favorite jersey, hat, flag, or t-shirt.

Eating Utensils

What’s use are all these cool snack ideas if these are no utensils to eat them with? Don’t forget knives, forks, and spoons.

Multipurpose Large Freezer Bags

A great way to store food is by using freezer storage bags.

Napkins or Paper Towels

Quick and easy party snacks are so wonderful to make for the big game but they will certainly create quite the mess.


Being out among your favorite fans is rewarding but don’t get burned to a crisp in the process. Be sure to include a sunscreen with a high SPF.

Cell Phone Charger

Your favorite game can go on for several hours. Don’t forget to charge your phone ahead of time and to pack an extra charger in case the battery gets low.


Hot summer days and early fall can bring on nice sunny days but too much sun can cause severe irritation to the eyes.

Wet Wipes

Tailgates can get messy. Don’t leave that mess for someone else to clean up. Wet wipes are always great to have on hand.


No tailgating party is complete without iced cold refreshments. Make sure to bring one or many coolers.

Oven Mitts

Don’t leave the house without a few oven mitts. Cooking for a crowd can be rewarding but pans and plates can get hot.

Aluminum Pans

Cheap disposable aluminum pans are so versatile and it makes it easier to access all those amazing finger food creations.

Toilet Paper

This one goes without saying. Don’t get stuck in a remote location without a little backup.

Trash Bags

No one likes a litterbug. Tailgates can get messy. Clean up after the party is over instead of leaving it for someone else to clean.

Designated Driver

Tailgating parties are so much fun and alcohol is often involved. Plan ahead, drive safe and be responsible.

Meat Thermometer

Whenever you are cooking meats, especially pork, make sure you pack a meat thermometer.

A FootballObviously

While waiting for the big game to start, entertain yourself by passing the ol’ pigskin.

Tailgate Food Condiments and Misc Food Items

Cooking Spray

No one wants their food sticking to the grill. Make sure to pack some cooking spray.


What good is a delicious hamburger or hotdog without some ketchup or mustard?


Like ketchup, good mustard can be the highlight of a good hotdog or burger.


If you’re like me, mayo is something special on a delicious hamburger bun.

Salt and Pepper

It’s easy to forget this one but salt and pepper can go a long way for adding flavor to quick snack ideas.


No tailgating party is complete without ice cold beer. The ultimate condiment.


At this point in human history, is there anyone that doesn’t love a tasty salsa and chip combo?


Onions are versatile and can spice up any quick snack idea.


Like ketchup and mustard, who doesn’t love pickles on their hamburger?


If you’re serving hot dogs at your next tailgate party, be sure to include relish.

BBQ Sauce

If barbequed meat is one of your favorite snacks to make, be sure to stock up on some extra BBQ sauce.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of tailgate supplies to include for your next tailgating party.

6 Steps For Making Successful Tailgating Foods

1) Plan & shop ahead of time.

2) Make foods that can be stored or frozen first

3) Bring ice and coolers for drinks

4) Enjoy beer but drink responsibly or make sure you have a designated driver

5) Don’t forget utensils

6) Don’t forget a grill or warmers

Final Thoughts on Tailgate Food

We hope you have enjoyed our ultimate tailgating food recipe roundup. We would love to hear from you in the comment section below. We also encourage you to share all of our amazing foods on your social media channels.

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