Top 7 Workout Routines for Beginners in 2019


Workout routines for beginners can be an exciting, yet sometimes frustrating experience. There are so many choices and so many voices. But who do you listen to?

Here at Slim Chef Recipes, we post a lot of wonderful low calorie/ low carb weight loss recipes but let’s not forget about how important exercise is to any weight loss plan.

To make any weight loss plan work there are certain rules and guidelines that will ensure weight loss and overall fitness health success.

Top 7 Workout Routines for Beginners Tips

1) Don’t overdo it. Use proper exercise form. It’s understandable that you are excited and ready to lose those last 20 lbs. However, pushing yourself beyond your limits is not a good strategy.

Not only do you risk personal injury, but you want to make sure that you are practicing proper form. Heavyweight does you no good if your form is bad.

2) You can’t out exercise a bad diet. As a personal trainer, this is something I used to see far too often with clients. Just because you are working out does not give you a get out of diet jail card.

A proper diet combined with exercise is the best formula for weight loss success.

3) Include rest days into your routine. Lifting weight causes the muscle fibers to tear, with proper rest, these muscle fibers repair themselves, stronger and bigger each time. This is why you see muscle definition and growth in the mirror over time.

Without proper rest, these muscle fibers will not repair at the same rate. If you work out two days in a row, make sure that you are targeting a separate muscle

group for each day.

4) Stay hydrated. I cannot stress how important water consumption is. Not only is proper hydration important to overall health but will also allow you to feel fuller, hence curbing hunger.

5) Know your macros. We all come in different sizes and shapes. My formula for losing and maintaining weight maybe different than yours.

It’s important to journal not only your diet but your workout routines as well. Fortunately, there are several options available. My favorite tool is They also have a helpful online community that can work as a support group.

6) Stay positive. If you have excessive weight to lose don’t expect to shed massive amounts of weight right away. You may only lose a pound or two a week. The trick is to be consistent and don’t throw in the towel. Always remember that slow progress is better than no progress.

7) Reward yourself. If you have dieted before, you know that cravings will rear their ugly head. Give yourself one day a week to indulge a little. By indulging I don’t mean gorging. Everything in moderation.

Wrapping it Up

So those are my Top 7 workout routines for beginners tips. This is by no means a complete list but it’s a good start.  Stay tuned for more great tips!

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